Makalaram is a family company.

Ljupco Avramovski is a graduate electrical engineer, founder and general director of Makalarm, with previous managerial experience in companies such as Iskra Slovenia. Ljupcho has more than 37 years of experience in engineering and project management. Dimitar Avramovski is a sales manager for IT products. He is a graduate engineer in computer science. He is charged with personalizing the Makalarm sales process. Daniela Avramovska-Smilkovska is a project manager at Makalarm. She has completed the Executive MBA at University of Sheffield and is an accredited with Level 7 Diploma for Strategic Leadership and Development from the Chartered Management Institute of UK. She has experience in projects for business development, marketing and sales management. Daniela is also responsible for developing innovative strategic plans, as well as support all parties involved in the company's innovative process. IT manager is Darko Pavlovski, who is a graduate engineer in information technologies at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius - Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Darko has a 10 year business experience in developing and designing plans for integrated systems, configuration of systems for technical security and .Net programming.


Mak Alarm won a grant provided by Fund for Innovation and Technological Development for IT solution with working title NovaPark


In order to offer complete and integrated hardware and software solutions, Mak Alarm needed to develop a strategic partnership with one software producing company (in this case, Novacode) that will work on software development and software maintenance projects. The first project to be developed with a working title NovaPark, won a grant from Fund for Innovations and Technology Development. NovaPark is a software solution for control and collection of parking lots including modules for collecting information and applications for displaying them. Novapark is a complete smart solution for parking lots that will collect and display real data, such as the number of free parking places, the parking cost per hour, and statistics on the occupancy of the parking lots. With the development of this software solution, it is possible to check the free parking spaces in the parking lots that will be connected to the system in real time. NovaPark features aim to benefit the end-user through internet payment options, as well as parking place reservations via the mobile application. The main innovation is the ability of the end user to open a map of nearby parking lots and to receive real information about the price of the parking lots and the availability of the spaces.